Altaria – Divinity (ReRelease)

Altaria – Divinity (ReRelease)

Label: Reaper Entertainment

Release date: out now


ALTARIA from Finland are back on the radar. They put out five strong melodic metal / hard rock albums between 2003 and 2009 and probably their best effort “Divinity“, the second album, being rereleased is the first sign of life. They play music in the vein of STRATOVARIUS or SONATA ARCTICA for the most part and with a slightly popish attitude at times. This rerelease comes with two bonus cuts by the name of “Balls To The Wall“ (ACCEPT cover) and “Stranger“(CACOPHONY cover), which have been released as Japanese bonus earlier on, though. There is also a (limited) vinyl version, actually it’s the first time available on vinyl. A sparkling melodic metal album with a typical Scandinavian approach to catchy hooks (e.g. “Will To Live“ or “Try To Remember“), powerful guitar riffs (“Falling Again“), controlled but striking heaviness, groove and power (“Divine“), remarkable melodies and a versatile instrumentation, alongside an energetic and authentic production and carefully remastered, of course. And let’s not forget about the really beautiful artwork which is a true pleasure to look at. Check out “Unchain The Rain“ to start with the world of ALTARIA. If that’s not a hit, I don’t know what actually is, same goes with „Stain Of The Switchblade“ among others. Good to have you back, guys. Let’s hope for some new material and/or some gigs as well.


Martin Stark

Track List: 

1. Unchain The Rain

2. Will To Live

3. Prophet Of Pestilence

4. Darkened Highlight

5. Discovery

6. Falling Again

7. Divine

8. Haven

9. Try To Remember

10. Stain Of The Switchblade

11. Enemy

12. Final Warning

13. Balls To The Wall

14. Stranger

Author: Martin Stark

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