Kaasin – Fired Up

Kaasin – Fired Up

Label: Pride & Joy Music/ Soulfood

Release date: out now

Website: https://www.facebook.com/kaasinmusic

KAASIN play classic rock as classic rock has to be, timeless music which warms your soul, especially in these troubled times. The Norwegians know their territory well and especially when it comes to songwriting and vocals, they are able to fully convince on their debut. Right away, the opener “We Are One“ sets the pace for the record as a cool introduction to the material. Not only fans of LUGNET or STEFAN BERGREN for example will love this album, also lovers of classic rock in the vein of RAINBOW, ALCATRAZZ, DEEP PURPLE or WHITESNAKE will be pleased. No big surprises, though, but a well-written and well-played songs as well as powerfully produced record,  offering a very organic, authentic sound. Mainman Jo Henning Kaasin (g, ex COME TASTE THE BAND) and the guys deliver, especially mighty vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad – what a talent he is! KAASIN is a name to remember. Check out first the rockers “We Are One“ and “Smokin’ Gun“ as well as the beautiful ballad “Shades Of Yesterday“ and crank up the volume, of course! Your neighbors will love it, too… 


Martin Stark


01. We Are One

02. Hidden

03. Smoking Gun

04. Carry On

05. Shades Of Yesterday

06. Walking Downwards

07. Chain Of Love

08. Wrong

09. Inside Out

10. Revelation (CD Bonus Track)

11. Runaway Train (CD Bonus Track)

Author: Martin Stark

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