Edge Of The Blade – Distant Shores

Label: AOR Heaven/ Soulfood

Release date: out now

Website: www.facebook.com/edgeoftheblade

EDGE OF THE BLADE around frontman John Francis (AFTER HOURS) totally delivers here, though his voice at times might not be everybody’s cup of tea. “Distant Shores“ is British melodic rock with a certain amount of hard rock of the finest sort (“Feel The Fire“, “Killing Me“ or “Wait Forever”) which means great songwriting for the most part and a powerful production which lets the songs breathe and which is almost reminiscent of a decent classic live sound. But also classic AOR in the vein of the masters of JOURNEY or STARSHIP can occasionally be found on this third record of the band (“Love Me Again“). “Every Beat Of My Heart“, the closing track, offers a bit of drama and pathos but will stick in your ear as most of the rest, too. Alan Kelly (ex SHY) on drums is a well known protagonist of the genre. To cut a long story short: “Distant Shores“ is pretty much suitable also for fans of HEAVY PETTIN’, THUNDER, FM or TRISHULA. Great to still have lots of bands around that play this very kind of style as if time stands still.


Martin Stark


1. Killing Me 2:58

2. Feel The Fire 3:25

3. Angels Fear To Tread 3:50

4. Lonely To 3:03

5. Life Is For Living 3:51

6. Love Me Again 3:20

7. Wait Forever 3:00

8. How Long 5:16

9. Back To You 2:50

10. It’s The Love 3:13

11. Every Beat Of My Heart 5:17

Author: Martin Stark

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