Steel Panther – Heavy Metal Rules

Steel Panther – Heavy Metal Rules

Label: Steel Panther Inc.

Release date: September 27th, 2019


.“Heavy Metal Rules“, album number five of hair metal icons and (beware the irony!) prototype-feminists is rather short but kicks ass. The single “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)“ serves as a blueprint for the rest of the record. Take slippery, eye-twinkling lyrics and a catchy melody as well as (of course!) every ingredient of eighties hair metal possible, like melodic guitar solos and rather simple arrangements, there you go! You have a STEEL PANTHER song. Frontman Michael Starr is a great vocalist with an astonishing range. No discussion about this, whether you like the band or not. The production, too, is pretty good but unfortunately songwriting-wise you get a few average tracks as well like on albums two to four. Therefore, the amazing 2009 debut “Feel The Steel“ still remains unrivaled. But tracks like „Fuck Everybody“ or „Gods Of Pussy“ are hair metal Premier League for sure. And people, let’s face it: Steel Panther have the looks! And, don’t forget: Heavy Metal rules!


Martin Stark

1. Zebraman 00:35
2. All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight) 03:54
3. Let’s Get High Tonight 03:49
4. Always Gonna Be A Ho 04:20
5. I’m Not Your Bitch 04:05
6. Fuck Everybody 03:40
7. Heavy Metal Rules 03:47
8. Sneaky Little Bitch 04:29
9. Gods Of Pussy 03:52
10. I Ain’t Buying What You’re Selling 03:31

Steel Panther – Always Gonna Be A Hero (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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