Diamond In The Rough – s/t

Diamond In The Rough – s/t

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: September 25th, 2020

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Everybody who is a regular to this site knows that I have a weak spot for Canadian Hard Rock and AOR.  So this re-release was made for me, although I haven’t known this band so far. DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH offered their first and last album in 1988, and it is an excellent Pop/ Rock affair with the “Who Is Who“ of the Canuck scene contributing. Ray Roper of  STONEBOLT showed up as well as TRIUMPH’s one and only RIK EMMETT. The record brilliantly kicks off with the hardest tune “Walk In The Wire“. Launched by keyboardist Lewis Nitikman and singer Dave Buckthorpe, the group offered a fantastic combination of  AOR (sometimes Hi-Tech), mixed with pure West Coast sounds. A saxophone was added where it was needed – all smooth and extremely catchy. This version is exactly the same as the first CD edition of the mid 90’s – even the two bonus cuts were used.  Sometimes this album reminds me on the very successful BOY MEETS GIRL album in terms of song-writing. This is an urgent recommendation, because the CD is limited to 500 units only and will be sold only by AOR Heaven mailorder. So you better hurry up! 


Andreas Höhn


1. Walk In The Wire

2. Where Is Love

3. Ain’t Good Lovin‘

4. I Wish There Was A Way

5. When It’s All Said And Done

6. Stand And Deliver

7. Sultry Lady

8. Run From The Dark

9. Thief In The Night

10. Young Of Heart

11. Tell Me

12. I Believe In This Love

Author: Andreas Höhn

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