Black Diamonds – No-Tell Hotel

Black Diamonds – No-Tell Hotel

Label: Metalapolis Records

Release date: March 13th, 2021


Swiss outfit BLACK DIAMONDS does everything right here. Not that their former output was not good, too, but here on “No-Tell Hotel“ everything is on the spot. Versatile songwriting, superb playing and a very powerful production. From the flow of the album to the atmosphere within the songs, from the crispy vocals (Mich Kehl) to the arrangements and last but not least the excellent and stunningly beautiful artwork: Switzerland rocks! But that’s not completely new, I guess! Lots of hard rock, a little bit of sleaze and a few slices of melodic rock, that’s what makes the BLACK DIAMONDS cocktail. A little bit of GREAT WHITE here and some CINDERELLA there but also GOTTHARD seems to be an influence but BLACK DIAMONDS also incorporate their own signature sound as well. Just check out “Forever Wild“, „Anytime“ or “The Island“. If this album isn’t going to make the band way more popular, I will actually lose faith in people’s taste… Thumbs up!


Martin Stark


1. No-Tell Hotel 3:53

2. Evil Twin 4:12

3. Lonesome Road 3:44

4. Forever Wild 4:14

5. Saturday 3:15

6. Anytime 4:36

7. The Island 3:51

8. My Fate 3:25

9. Hand In Hand 5:08

10. Reaching For The Stars 3:49

11. Turn To Dust 3:43

12. Outlaw 3:47

Author: Martin Stark

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