Epic – Starlight

Epic – Starlight

Label: Escape Music/ H’Art

Release date: 18th February, 2022

Website: https://www.facebook.com/epicmusicband/

More than five years after the great “Like A Phoenix“ (2016) there’s finally new material from EPIC. Lovers of HEART, SARAYA or DANTE FOX definitely cry tears of joy when listening to amazing songs like “Can’t Get Over You“, “Crazy“ or “My Way Or The Highway“. Female singer Tanya Rizkala offers that emotional and powerful voice which will give you goosebumps allover. New in the ranks of EPIC is none but Chris Childs (THUNDER, TYKETTO, LONE RIDER) on bass who together with Souheil “Sous” Moukaddem is a match made in heaven. Songwriting lay in the hands of Tanya and especially guitar player Mario Agostine, both Canadian-Lebanese, and is at times reminiscent of early nineties HEART. Mario provides edgy and powerful guitar riffs as well as production. Being based in Canada, they deliver a powerful, emotional and versatile album showcasing both melody and a great production. The wealth in songwriting and performance is simply incredible. Just check out the magical power ballad “Face The Storm“ or the rocking “Carry On“, too. And then there is the ballad “Mais Lui“, sung in French, which like many others shows the great timbre in Tanya’s voice. To cut a long story short: melodic rock as melodic rock has to be these days. 


Martin Stark


1. I Want 3:58

2. Carry On 3:41

3. Can’t Get Over You 3:57

4. Groovin’ For You 3:43

5. Crazy 3:51

6. My Way Or The High Way 4:17

7. Stars 4:00

8. Face The Storm 4:04

9. Hold On 3:22

10. Invincible 3:57

11. Starlight 4:09

12. Mais Lui 4:32

Author: Martin Stark

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