Keen Hue – Heydays

Keen Hue – Heydays

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: November 29th, 2019


I have to confess that the band KEEN HUE from Sweden was just a name to me – until now. Founded way back in 1978 with only two albums released in 1985 (“Ogre King“) and 1993s “Juicy Lucy“ (recorded with a different singer). As far as I know, KEEN HUE never called it a day but continued to tour as a cover band. In 2018, guitar player Stefan had the idea to record new versions of songs ranging from 1981 – 1989. And what gems can be found here, especially the tracks from their non-CD debut album like “Ogre King“; “Crossfire“ and “The Doctor‘s Crying“, but “We Don‘t Need War“ is the most convincing tune of them all. Way too short but good compilation with a great production. Keen Hue are more than worth to be checked out by any serious lover of Scandinavian melodic rock and metal. But avoid another 26 years break until the next effort, boys!


Andreas Hoehn


1 . Fly Away Honey
2. Blue Girls
3. Stay Around
4. Crossfire
5. Gimme Love
6. Take It Or Leave It
7. The Doctor´s Crying
8. We Don’t Need War
9. Wasted Time
10. Ogre King

Author: Andreas Höhn

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