Metalite – Biomechanicals

Label: AFM Records

Release date: October 25th, 2019


After the great debut album “Heroes In Time” about two years ago, expectations were set high for the sophomore METALITE release “Biomechanicals” – the first one to feature new singer Erica Ohlsson at the mic. The record company tries to describe the band’s sound as “Modern Metal – trendsetting, epic and of highest quality”. Modern and very well produced (by Jacob Hansen) for sure – but trendsetting?!? A couple of dozens bands emerged from this genre during the past years (including BEAST IN BLACK, BATTLE BEAST, CYHRA, FOLLOW THE CIPHER & FROZEN CROWN etc.) and a lot of them successfully managed to embed a massive amount of keyboards, loops & samples into their sound. Being a lover of this genre who does not mind a huge portion of dominant keyboards within an overall heavy metal surrounding, some questions marks immediately appear here. METALITE on most tracks now rather sound like a disco & trance band with some heavy guitars added here and there and with an overall nerve-racking beat on most tracks than like a melodic metal band. Whilst the majority of the aforementioned groups managed to keep the metal flag set high, “Biomechanicals” is a huge disappointment. Tracks like power ballad “Breakaway” and the heavier BEAST IN BLACK sound-alike “Rise Of The Phoenix” show the real potential that METALITE have. Too bad!


Birgitt Schwanke


01 – Far From The Sanctuary

02 – Apocalypse

03 – Biomechanicals

04 – Warrior

05 – Mind Of A Monster

06 – World On Fire

07 – Eye Of The Storm

08 – Breakaway

09 – Social Butterflies

10 – Rise Of The Phoenix

11 – Victory Or Death

Metalite – Apocalypse (Official Video)

Author: Birgitt Schwanke

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