Alien – Into The Future

Alien – Into The Future

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: November 27th, 2020


Decades after the brilliant self-titled debut Swedish melodic rockers ALIEN return with their own look “Into The Future”. ALIEN’s actual line-up with Jim Jidhed on vocals, Tony Borg on guitar and Toby Tarrach on drums sounds heavier than expected and, of course, it’s never a mistake to sound different to earlier releases. First of all, you won’t miss the great melodies and catchy hooks. It would be too easy to describe “Into The Future” just as a modern Hard Rock album. It isn’t. For sure, guitars are dominating the “new” sound of ALIEN. Maybe inspired by Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T.) who did a fantastic job mixing and mastering this album. ALIEN found a new way to start kicking ass with eleven tracks not just for the old fans, it’s made for all the fans who loves ECLIPSE, HAREM SCAREM, just to name a few (and all the other great Scandinavian bands). Songs like “War Scars” or “Really Wheeling It” are typical for the new sound, but “Into The Future” offers eleven great tracks done with heart and soul by these three great guys. With this album ALIEN really are back – give them a chance – you won’t be disappointed! A real great album that shines bright in a dark time.


Peter Albers

Track List:

1. You Still Burn

2. Night Of Fire

3. War Scars

4. Time Is Right

5. What Are We Fighting For

6. Into The Future

7. Freedom Wind

8. Really Wheeling It

9. Fallin Way Down

10. In Her Eyes

11. Children

Alien – Night Of Fire (Official Video)

Author: Peter Albers

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