Orianthi – O

Orianthi – O

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: November 6th, 2020

Website: https://iamorianthi.com/

What a wonderful name – ORIANTHI. 2020, her great career continues with “O”, released by Frontiers Music, who can be proud to have catched her. Millions of streams, working with Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper and a lot of other superstars. Recorded with Evan Frederiksen (drums, bass) in addition with Marti Frederiksen (percussion, programming), Orianthi (Panagaris) shows her way of doing wonderful music. Taking her guitar and her voice, the “O”-journey starts with hard rocking tracks, followed by partly melodic, quiet and instrumental based tracks. For sure, her extraordinary guitar-performance dominates all ten tracks, but the different styles of music are full of surprises. Who expects an instrumental album without vocals is completely wrong. “O” primary stands for hard rock oriented music, difficult to describe. Many parts come as fully programmed and modern sounds, very special indeed. Highlighted by her fantastic guitar playing this album is more than interesting, anr release worth to hear and enjoy, but very special. This lady knows to create great music in her own style with her own voice and based on her fantastic inspiration.


Peter Albers

Track List:

1. Contagious

2. Sinners Hymn

3. Rescue Me

4. Blow

5. Sorry

6. Crawling Out Of The Dark

7. Impulsive

8. Streams Of Consciousness

9. Company

10. Moonwalker

Orianthi – Sorry (Official Video)

Author: Peter Albers

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