Fierce Heart – War For The World

Fierce Heart – War For The World

Label: Dark Star Records

Release date: out now


FIERCE HEART from Chicago, Illinois put out their debut “Fierce Heart“ in 1985 and were able to make quite an impression back in the day. Well, unfortunately it was their only release…until now! The brainchild of Rex Caroll (g, WHITECROSS) . “War For The Worlds“ is a true rocker by any means. From early GOTTHARD to BUCKCHERRY or from DOKKEN to GREAT WHITE and STRYPER, there’s a bit of everything. “Built For Speed“, for instance, is a killer with groove like hell or “Just Got Lucky“ offers a pretty catchy chorus. No fuzz, no keyboards, no, well almost no, ballads…just pure honest hard rock with a dip of Southern Rock elements, played authentically and with plenty of riffs plus astonishing leads and solos. FIERCE HEART may have been away for long but they are back with a blast, although two or three average songs can be found and the one and only signature song might be absent, too. Sound-wise, you get a powerful, energetic and pristine production with lots of balls. Check them out!


Martin Stark


1. Into The Sun 1:14

2. Built For Speed 4:51

3. Out For Blood 4:06

4. Just Got Lucky 4:11

5. Lost Inside Your Love 4:20

6. Power To Rock 3:36

7. Bad Child 4:26

8. Rest My Bones 5:04

9. Long Time 4:09

10. War For The World 3:51

11.Road To Nowhere 3:33

Fierce Heart – Out For Blood (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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