Angelica – All I Am

Angelica – All I Am

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: 06.11.2020


Solo album by MURDER OF MY SWEET singer ANGELICA (Rylin). “All I Am” is marketed by the label as Melodic Rock – this is not really it though. A rather suitable label would be ‘Modern Melodic Pop’ which is nothing wrong in general. Angelica’s fine voice is the highlight on this record but while now listening to “All I Am” for the third time, I still have the impression that something’s really missing all over the place. There aren’t any real highlight tracks on this album and a strange lack of variety. A solid release in all means but for sure an output which is sitting between all chairs: too soft for the Rock community, supposedly uninteresting for the fans of her main band and maybe a bit lost in the commercial (charts) Pop world in general.


Birgitt Schwanke

Track list:

1. Calling 4:10

2. Beat Them All 3:22

3. Addicted To You 3:13

4. I’m Sorry 4:08

5. Time And Space 3:55

6. Don’t Say Goodbye 2:52

7. Still Bleeding 4:34

8. Living On High Hopes 3:16

9. A Pounding Heart 3:41

10. Angel 3:34

11. Time To Go Home 4:48

Angelica – Calling (Official Video)

Author: Birgitt Schwanke

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