L.A. Guns – Renegades

L.A Guns – Renegades

Label: Golden Robot Records 

Release date: November 13th, 2020

Website: https://www.laguns.net/

Is it 2020 or still the end of the 80s? Holy Shit, kicking ass – the L.A. GUNS are back, well the version of the band without Tracii Guns (g) at least! From the start with “Crawl” it sounds like a time travel back into the golden age of sleaze. What the hell, these four crazy maniacs created one hell of an album. L.A. GUNS 2020 featuring Steve Riley (d), Kelly Nickels (b), Scotty Griffin (g) and Kurt Frohlich (v) are never “Renegades”. They’re doing their way of rock, with their old-fashioned style of dirty guitars – power button on, the “Renegades”-show includes ten awesome tracks. No fillers, just killers. There’s a new drug out and it’s so easy to get! This album sounds like being recorded in one take, close your eyes and enjoy the 2020 sound of the L.A. GUNS – full of emotions, music with maximum energy done by heart and soul. “Renegades” is a contemporary album, but it sounds like a recording from the end of the 80s or early 90s – raw, pure and straight. Feeling the spirit and the wildness, the pure energy of a band who plays in their own league. Take a listen to the title track! This is the path the L.A. GUNS are following these days! Full of positive energy and this is what we really need! It’s more than just another sleaze rock release, this is a killer! Take a trip to 1989!


Peter Albers

Track List: 

1. Crawl 3:40

2. Why Ask Why 3:22

3. Well Oiled Machine 4:10

4. Lost Boys 4:33

5. You Can’t Walk Away 4:16

6. Witchcraft 4:07

7. All That You Are 3:39

8. Would 4:31

9. Renegades 3:40

10. Don’t Wanna Know 3:26

Author: Peter Albers

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