The Unity – Pride (Vinyl)

The Unity – Pride (Vinyl)

Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Release date: out now


“Pride“, album number three of German hard rock outfit around Michael Ehré (d, GAMMA RAY, ex FIREWIND, ex METALIUM) and Henjo Richter (g, GAMMY RAY, UNISONIC) is – like the two predecessors – is a fine very piece of music. Very melodic, but all but simple or too straightforward. The double-vinyl version sounds pristine and the beautifully crafted gatefold is of the usual quality offered by the label, actually one of those labels who held the flag high for vinyl despite the “climate“ for physical products. Pretty much hook-driven songs but with a natural heaviness where needed, but foremost it’s the magnificent voice of Italian frontman Gianbattista “Gianba“ Manenti that highlights the material. My favorites are “We Don’t Need Them Here“ and “Wave Of Fear“ which perfectly showcase the strength of the band. And that is melody, fantastic and versatile vocals and, of course, roaring guitars as well as meaningful lyrics. With this album (at the latest!) THE UNITY established themselves among the big players of the genre like AXEL RUDI PELL, MOB RULES or even MASTERPLAN. They dip into classic rock territory here and there (“Rusty Cadillac“ or “You Don’t Walk Alone“), too. “Pride“ is also released as a 2CD (with a couple of live versions and one bonus cut). 


Martin Stark


1. The New Pandora 1:17

2. Hands Of Time 5:33

3. Line And Sinker 5:41

4. We Don’t Need Them Here 3:56

5. Destination Unknown 5:06

6. Angel Of Dawn 4:42

7. Damn Nation 4:50

8. Wave Of Fear 5:39

9. Guess How I Hate This  4:18

10. Scenery Of Hate 4:03

11. Rusty Cadillac 3:27

12. You Don’t Walk Alone 4:23

Author: Martin Stark

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