Mother Road – II

Mother Road – II

Label: Metalapolis

Release date: February 19th, 2021


After a long pause, the second MOTHER ROAD album is finally at hand. The German-American classic hard and blues rockers around Chris Lyne (g, SOUL DOCTOR) and Keith Slack (v, STEELEHOUSE LANE, ex MSG) luckily pick up where the debut obviously left of. Barry Sparks (ex DOKKEN, ex MSG, ex TED NUGENT) on bass and Zacky Tsoukas (ex-SOUL DOCTOR) lay down the beat and groove. Typical American blues-infused hard rock and lots of British counterparts or equivalents in the vein of bands like BAD COMPANY, HUMBLE PIE or even (classic) WHITESNAKE are absolutely to be found on the menu. One of the highlights is the heavily Hammond-infused “Spread It All Around“ and also the well, pretty bluesy “Ain’t Got The Blues“ is definitely worth a listen and provide an overview of the material. Slack offers a cool and easy-going vocal performance and the guitar of Chris Lyne breathes character and does a lot of story-telling. To cut it short: “II“ is music like a good old whiskey or wine, music with character. Music to enjoy with heart and soul. Next time, please don’t wait another six years, guys…


Martin Stark


01. Fools Gold

02. Sticks And Stones

03. Spread It All Around

04. Matter Of Time

05. Without You

06. Side To Side

07. Cold Heat

08. Aint Got The Blues

09. The One You Keep

10. Southland

Author: Martin Stark

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