Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard & Fast

Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard & Fast

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release date: February 19th, 2021

Website: www.rickywarwick.com

Singer and guitar player RICKY WARWICK, one of the most prolific frontman in hard rock these days, is back with another solo effort. This time there’s way more heavy and rocking sounds compared to some of the last records like “When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)“ (2016) which was more or less almost a singer/songwriter album. “When Life Was Hard & Fest“, on the other hand, is packed with emotions, authentic feelings and an incredibly cool voice. Fronting THE ALMIGHTY for many years and more recently THIN LIZZY, with probably the biggest voice and charisma ever to follow, and BLACK STAR RIDERS, of course, the Northern Irishman is quite influenced artistically and foremost vocally. But, hey it doesn’t matter, does it? You get everything from hard rockers (“Gunslinger“) to punk-like tracks (“Never Corner A Rat“) to very stripped down tunes (“Time Don’t Seem To Matter“) or even slightly Country sounding songs like “Clown Of Misery”. Hats off, Mister Warwick! What a cool and versatile album. Timeless music, well-produced and with some interesting twists and turns along the ride. Check out the ironic “I’d Rather Be Hit“ to start with…  


Martin Stark


01. When Life Was Hard And Fast

02. You Don’t Love Me

03. I’d Rather Be Hit

04. Gunslinger

05. Never Corner A Rat

06. Time Don’t Seem To Matter

07. Fighting Heart

08. I Don’t Feel At Home

09. Still Alive

10. Clown Of Misery

11. You’re My Rock N Roll

Author: Martin Stark

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