Labyrinth – Welcome To The Absurd Circus

Labyrinth – Welcome To The Absurd Circus

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: January 22nd, 2021


Probably the most hook-driven melodic metal band on this planet returns with the follow-up to the really good 2017 comeback album “Architecture Of A God“. The Italians around founding members Olaf Thorsen (g, VISION DIVINE) and Roberto Tiranti (v), like always, manage to combine fast, heavy and neo-classical parts with mighty melodies, several  progressive elements as well as quiet and emotional moments to even creep into the hearts of pure AOR lovers. To me, “Welcome To The Absurd Circus“ is actually the legitimate “follow-up” to the iconic “Return To Heaven Denied“ (1998), one of the important records at the time that actually revived a whole genre, as the so-called “Part II“ was supposed to be already but didn’t really do. Only the “metalized“ cover version of “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes“, originally by ULTRAVOX, is kind of useless in the total flow of the album. But just let he magic of “The Absurd Circus“, “One Last More Chance“ or “Sleepwalker“ enter into your heart and soul or drown in the dense atmosphere of “The Unexpected“ or “A Reason To Survive“. Mostly fantastic! 


Martin Stark


1. The Absurd Circus 6:17

2. Live Today 5:41

3. One Last More Chance 6:13

4. As Long As It Lasts 5:18

5. Den Of Snakes 6:34

6. Words Minefield 5:12

7. The Unexpected 5:06

8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 4:41

9. Sleepwalker 4:26

10. A Reason To Survive 4:30

11. Finally Free 6:24

Author: Martin Stark

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