Ian Parry’s Rock Emporium – Brute Force

Ian Parry’s Rock Emporium – Brute Force 

Label: Metal Mind Productions

Release date: 4th June, 2021 

Website: www.ianparry.com

Dutch singer IAN PARRY (ELEGY, VENGEANCE, CONSORTIUM PROJECT) is one of the masters in the classic rock genre and he’s been that for decades. Absolute hot contender for the hottest track on the record is the mid tempo “Til The Day I Day“ with both WHITESNAKE and QUEENSRYCHE roots. Also the fast “Lethal Injection“ or the slightly proggy “Dreamworld“ are songs to be mentioned explicitly here. A great production, a beautifully crafted booklet and the amazing performance of the many musicians involved make this album shine, too. Whereas PARRY (v), Luca Sellitto (g, STAMINA), Kris Gildenlöw (b, PAIN OF SALVATION) and Alan Sörensen (dr, PRETTY MAID, ROYAL HUNT) perform on most of the material, there are guests like Timo Somers (g, DELAIN), Wade Black (v, CRIMSON GLORY) or Ivar De Graaf (dr, WITHIN TEMPTATION) among numerous others. But it’s the sheer vocals quality and the many, many gems songwriting-wise. Hats off! That’s how a melodic metal / neo-classical hard rock album should sound like. As a bonus you get a rendition of QUEEN’s “One Vision“ and they absolutely nail it. This second album of  IAN PARRY’s ROCK EMPORIUM is splendid stuff for fans digging music from MALMSTEEN to AYREON or from ELEGY to VENGEANCE alike.


Martin Stark


1. In Isolation 5:00

2. Darkest Secrets 3:42

3. Til The Day I Die 4:50

4. My Confession 4:15

5. Brute Force 3:43

6. Fairytale 5:35

7. Lethal Injection 3:02

8. Rings Of Fire 4:09

9. Dreamworld 4:04

10. Where Do We Go From Here 3:22

11. One Vision (tribute) 4:24

Author: Martin Stark

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