King Company – Trapped

King Company – Trapped

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: 25th June, 2021 


Third album of Finnish outfit KING COMPANY. Again, it’s finest melodic hard rock somewhere between British hard rock in the vein of WHITESNAKE and Finnish bands like BROTHER FIRETRIBE or STRATOVARIUS. The latter because of the typical Finnish rock keyboard sound foremost. Third of KING COMPANY output, third singer, though. This time, after an Italian singer, now it’s a Finnish guy again by the name of Ilkka Keskitalo and, well, he can sing for sure. Tracks like “Stephanie“, “Dangerous Tonight“ and “Fair Winds“ offer remarkable hit potential. “Trapped In My Heart“ on the other hand is quite faster and will get to you easily. And the last song “Stars Will Lead The Way“ will please the romantics  – yes, I know you’re out there – for sure. Cool album!


Martin Stark


1. I Will Be Here 3:40

2. Trapped In Heart 4:14

3. Stephanie 4:40

4. Dangerous Tonight 3:18

5. Death Of Soul 5:35

6. Screen Is Your Life 3:49

7. Nothing For Free 4:08

8. Fair Winds 3:59

9. Cold Killing Game 4:42

10. Nobody’s Fool 5:05 

11. Stars Will Lead The Way 4:42

Author: Martin Stark

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