Mallet – Rock N’ Roll Heroes

Mallet – Rock N‘ Roll Heroes

Label: Baze Records

Release date: January 17th, 2020


Wow – 40 years together , 25 of them in the same line-up and definetely not quiet! Being a Mallet fan since the mid 90s, I can‘t believe the three piece is in higher demand than ever. Astonishly enough between their hectic touring schedule and the renewed participation in the  musical “Rock Around Barock“, the guys found the time to release a record with all new material, their first since 2016. 14 tracks of melodic classic rock with a few surprises (“King Kong“ comes with a rap) and the highlights namely the title track and the opener “Lonely Without You“ . Frontman Jürgen Rehberg sometimes has this special Ian Gillan touch in his voice (“Don‘t Cry Anymore“) while the whole band can‘t deny their similarities to the last Deep Purple records on “Machine Man“; “Sweet Little Mantis“ . The earthy production  needs a special praise – most of the records reaching my desk these days can‘t compete with “Rock N‘ Roll Heroes“.  1996‘s “Rock N‘ Roll Is What We Need Today“ remains unreachable forever but that‘s another really good one by the boys – on to the next 40 years!


Andreas Hoehn

Track List:

1. Lonely Without You

2. Like A Devil

3. Rock N‘ Roll Hero

4. Time For Your Life

5. Eighties Coming Back

6. King Kong

7. Don‘t Cry Anymore

8. The Ocean

9. The Revenant

10. Machine Man

11. Guardian Angel

12. Just You And I

13. Sweet Little Mantis

14. I Don‘t Know

Author: Andreas Höhn

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