Shadow Tribe – Reality Unveiled

Shadow Tribe – Reality Unveiled

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: November 13th, 20120


In SHADOW TRIBE, ALTARIA/STARGAZERY bass player Marko Pukkila has joined forces with ex-CELESTY/SPIRITUS MORTIS/MASQUERAGE frontman Kimmo Perämäki who really nails it here. Having the groups mentioned in mind it’s pretty obvious how the band sounds like. Melodic Metal in the vein of fellow Finnish bands STRATOVARIUS or even SONATA ARCTICA to a certain degree, too. Cool melodies, quite versatile arrangements and a powerful production for the most part are offered here. There’s probably not a single song on “Reality Unveiled“ that really sticks out, but on the other hand, the album is absolutey consistent and comes along without any fillers, too. If you are into the aforementioned bands or their type of sound, you can’t go wrong with SHADOW TRIBE. A good album and hopefully just the start for more to come from up north…


Martin Stark


1. Splinters Of A Hologram 5:32

2. Christaromancy 3:57

3. Headstrong 4:47

4. Speck Of Sawdust 4:31

5. Connection 4:10

6. A World Taken Hostage 4:09

7. Many Tears To Go 6:27

8. We Weren’t There 4:42

9. Stolen Fate 4:36

10. Instant Heaven 5:23

Shadow Tribe – Stolen Fate (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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