Addicted – Night Revolution

Label: self-released/ digital only

Release date: out now


Surprise, surprise – my first ever digital only release to review. Italian four-piece group  ADDICTED  have the honor with their first long player “Night Revolution“ and it is a bloody good effort. Although I believed, I took the wrong way into an Italian disco with “Silence Before The…“, the following “Night Revolution“  (best track!) kicked some serious ass. Took me quite a while to discover that the frontman is actually a frontwoman named Serena Peruffo. The lady did a fantastic job  and is the icing on the cake on the eleven tracks. “Insane“ should work very good on stage. The punchy production is very good for an independent band – way better than the terrible work of Fabrizio De Grossi on the new RAMOS CD. The fast “Heroin(e)“ is worth a mention too, as is the ultra commercial “Easily Forgettable“ which burns deep into your brain from the first listen. There is less to complain about the rest of the songs – so give the bunch a chance – maybe you’ll get addicted!   


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. Silence Before The…
2. Night Revolution
3. Suicide In Love
4. Insane
5. Easily Forgettable
6. Heroin(E)
7. Anthem
8. Break The Chains
9. Bloody Tears
10. On The Road Of Life
11. 1000 Eternities In Hell

Addicted – Break The Chains (Official Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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