Thomsen – III

Thomsen – III

Label: Artist Station / Soulfood

Release date: 20th August, 2021 


Energetic power metal out of Hannover/Germany. Third effort of the band THOMSEN, whose mastermind René Thomsen (g) plays rhythm guitar here. Highly suitable for lovers of e.g. DIRKSCHNEIDER, ACCEPT, BLAZE or METAL CHURCH, to name only a few. There are a few glimpses of IRON MAIDEN or ANNIHILATOR, too, when it comes to guitars and riffing especially. „III“ is music right in your face, but constantly melodic. Frontman Jürgen Wulfes, who sang on the first record „Ruthless“ (2009) as well, is reminiscent of BLAZE at times and offers the necessary energy. No fillers whatsoever! A really good record with an up to date production pleasing old school metal fans and hard rockers alike. „Forget It“ is almost modern metal due to the FIGHT-like combination of riffing and vocals and the last track on the album (“Turn On The Light“) is sung by Rene Thomsen himself adding yet another flavor. Interesting how versatile a record can sound like without ever leaving the genre. Comes with mix and mastering by non other than Charlie Bauerfeind (u.a. BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN, ANGRA). The first single “Rise“ is a pretty cool appetizer, though, and tracks like „I Can See The Light“ or „Salvation“ for example absolutely need to be played live anywhere soon…


Martin Stark


1. Rise

2. Fight

3. Nightfall

4. I Can See The Limit

5. Liar

6. Savation

7. Forget It

8. Set Me Free

9. Passion

10. Turn On The Light

Author: Martin Stark

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