Boys From Heaven – The Great Discovery

Boys From Heaven – The Great Discovery

Label: Target Music

Release date: October 23rd, 2020


Probably not quite as heavenly as the band name – and the references mentioned in the label’s promo sheets suggests – but nevertheless, a really good album. JOURNEY, TOTO or FOREIGNER are definitely major influences and on a couple of tracks the BOYS FROM HEAVEN are damn close to their idols. Just take “Burning As A Flame“, one of the many highlights, which could very easily be a song by TOTO. The Danes deliver great stuff for everybody who is into similar and more recent bands and projects like THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA or CATS IN SPACE. You get a sophisticated production which is all but old-fashioned and a voice (Chris Catton) that has got quite a range and lots of magical moments. A song like “A Fools’s Hope“ breathes the BOSTON vibes while “Memory“ is pretty much FOREIGNER throughout. At times there’s even a saxophones which once more proves that it is an instrument being able to rock. In general, it’s easy-going but in-depth music which offers a lot of heart-warming details, plus a stunning artwork promising to look even greater on the vinyl. So, definitely keep an eye on the BOYS FROM HEAVEN! You won’t regret…


Martin Stark


01. The Ascent

02. Green Fields

03. Sunshine Soul

04. Burning Like A Flame

05. A Fool’s Hope

06. Keep On Movin’

07. Memory

08. Only Child

09. Convictions

10. Old Days

11. Don’t You Cry

12. Worlds Apart

13. Smile

Boys From Heaven – Convictions (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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