Revolution Saints – Rise

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: January 24th, 2020


Fact check: REVOLUTION SAINTS were never a band, but have always been a project from their very beginnings. A project that was assembled by the record company Frontiers, bringing in outside writers to recreate the original and classic Journey AOR sound of the 80s. The saints themselves never concealed the fact that they’d rather like to write their own songs than just being performers and vicarious agents of Italian songwriter Alessandro DelVeccio. And, who can blame top musicians like Doug Aldrich, Jack Blades and Deen Castronovo – each of them with a ton of original hits under their belt – for thinking out loud? Then again, DelVeccio delivers as requested – there has not been a single Journey album since the mighty fine 1998 effort „Trial By Fire“ (the last with singer Steve Perry)  sounding as good as any of the Revolution Saints records. Add to that, Deen Castronovo’s silky pipes bear an uncanny resemblance to the man himself, Steve Perry. As long as there won’t be any new sign of life from the originals, putting all criticism aside, we can absolutely live with the copycats. On „Rise“, however, you won’t find any weak tune. 


Kai Brockschmidt


1. When the heartache has gone
2. Price to pay
3. Rise
4. Coming home
5. Closer
6. Higher
7. Talk to me
8. It’s not the end (it’s just the beginning)
9. Million miles
10. Win or lose

Revolution Saints – When The Heartache Has Gone (Official Video)

Author: Kai Brockschmidt

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