Saint Deamon – Ghost

Saint Deamon – Ghost

Label: Ram It Down Records

Release date: September 13th, 2019


Scandinavian band SAINT DEAMON plays powerful melodic metal (“Captain Saint D“ or “Return Of The Deamons“) with epic elements (“Call My Name“) and a very good portion of STRATOVARIUS at times. “Ghost“, their third effort and the first after almost ten years brings on all the qualities of a good melodic metal record and even more. A high-quality production with lots of distinctive details waits to be discovered here. The same goes with the beautifully crafted artwork. SAINT DEAMON convince with a classy ballad (“Somewhere Far Beyond“), too. It’s the titletrack that combines most of the qualities afore mentioned. And then there is the melodic monster “Limelight Dreams“ with its amazing hookline which would easily classify as an AOR song or reminder of the fantastic second LABYRINTH-album “Return To Heaven Denied“. Towards the end there are a few rather average tracks (“Journey Through The Stars“ or “Resurrection“), so maybe only ten or eleven songs instead of fourteen would have made an even better impression. Vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad of the Norwegian-Swedish outfit is doing one hell of a job and the versatile guitar work is pretty remarkable, too.


Martin Stark


  1. Captain Saint D
  2. Call My Name
  3. Return Of The Deamons
  4. Ghost
  5. Limelight Dreams
  6. Hell Is Calling
  7. Earth Is Alive
  8. Land Of Gold
  9. Higher
  10. Somewhere Far Beyond
  11. The Exodus, Part II
  12. Journey Through The Stars
  13. Break The Sky
  14. Resurrection
Saint Deamon – Return Of The Deamon (Audio Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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