Wig Wam – Never Say Die

Wig Wam – Never Say Die

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: January 22nd, 2021

Website: www.wigwam.no

The Norwegian glamsters around Aage Sten Nilsen (v, AMMUNITION) aka “Glam” are back for good after a few years of being involved in other bands, projects and some time off. “Never Say Die“ is full of hard rock anthems and catchy like hell. WIG WAM do what they can do best and what their fans actually expect. On these ten songs (plus two instrumentals), the band certainly entertains with a twinkling of an eye. Good times rock offering all types of well-known cliches, of course, musically and production-wise. With a record of this sort, the glorious eighties are more alive than ever. Right away, the mighty title track offers everything from roaring guitars, a great hookline, amazing vocals and a powerful production. You immediately imagine this song to be played live in front of a huge crowd going crazy and nuts. I guess, everybody will agree that this band would have been really big like thirty years ago. WIG WAM is back with probably their best record ever… Welcome back, guys! We missed you…Well, I did. I really did!


Martin Stark


1. The Second Crusade 0:54

2. Never Say Die 4:04

3. Hypnotized 3:56

4. Shadows Of Eternity 3:33

5. Kilimanjaro 3:56

6. Where Does It Hurt 4:16

7. My Kaleidoscope Ark 4:34

8. Dirty Little Secret 3:52

9. Call Of The Wild 4:42

10. Northbound 3:54

11. Hard Love 3:33

12. Silver Lining 6:16

Author: Martin Stark

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