American Tears – Free Angel Express

American Tears – Free Angel Express

Label: Deko Entertainment

Release date: October 23rd, 2020


Mark Mangold (keys, TOUCH, DRIVE, SHE SAID) is a well-known artist inside the melodic rock world. AMERICAN TEARS, the progressive keyboard trio is one of his projects that after three records in the seventies reformed in 2018 to put out “Hard Core“ and a follow-up by the name of “White Flag“ only one year later. Alex Landenburg (KAMELOT, RHAPSODY, ex ANNIHILATOR) on drums and Barry Sparks (ex UFO) on bass this time with adds a lot of depth and authenticity to the material, providing an interesting contrast soundwise. The (almost) total lack of guitars and Mangold’s rather raw voice is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but nevertheless, great musicianship and versatile songwriting can be found throughout most most of the material. Highlights are the cool – sorry for the pun – “Set It On Fire“ and the epic and futuristic “Free Angel Express/Resist/Outta Here“ as well as the emotional “Glass“ but there are also a few slightly average songs on “Free Angel Express“, though. But, people, where’s the point on offering a bonus cut to the digital version only? It should really be the other way round…


Martin Stark


1. Sledgehammered

2. Set It On Fire

3. Free Angel Express/Resist/Outta Here

4. Not For Nothing

5. Glass

6. Everything You Take

7. Roll The Stone

8. Blue Rondo

9. Can’t Get Satisfied

10. Woke

11. Shadows Aching Karma

12. So Glow

13. Rise To The Light

14. Tusk (Blood On The Ivory) (Download Only Bonus)

American Tears – Sledgehammered (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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