Rob Moratti – Paragon

Rob Moratti – Paragon

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: October 30th, 2020


Canadian singer ROB MORATTI (FINAL FRONTIER, ex SAGA) is pretty busy. His incredible voice shines on the new album just like it did on the last one called “Renaissance“ (2019). “Paragon“ – believe it or not – is even more melodic and nothing but a fascinating piece of melodic rock. He is once again backed by illustrious international musicians, like Tony Franklin (b, BLUE MURDER), Torben Enevoldsen (g, SECTION A, FATE) or even Ian Crichton (g, SAGA). Furthermore, a pristine but powerful production highlights melodic gems like “I’m Falling“, “Rise Above“ or “Where Do We Go From Here“. His obvious passion for classic JOURNEY, especially vocal-wise, can be found more or less in many places here. The Canadian is an exceptional singer with quite a remarkable range that fits classic AOR extremely well. Songwriters on “Paragon“ include the Swedes Ulrich Lönnqvist (CODE RED), Felix Borg (TASTE, ex ART NATION) or Ken Sandin (ALIEN, KEE MARCELLO) among others who bring out the best in him. What a great album! You can’t do it much better. Wow!


Martin Stark


01. I’m Falling

02. Rise Above

03. What Have We Become

04. Remember

05. Where Do We Go From Here

06. Drifting Away

07. Break The Chains

08. Alone Anymore

09. Bullet Proof Alibi

10. All I’m Living For

11. Picking Up The Pieces

12. Stay Away

Rob Moratti – I’m Falling (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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