Pyramaze – Epitaph

Pyramaze – Epitaph

Label: AFM Records

Release date: 13.11.2020


Can please anybody tell me why PYRAMAZE seem to be melodic metal Second Division only although their highly melodic power metal sounds like Champions League from the beginning? The Danes around frontman Terje Haroy offer everything for many years from stellar songwriting, versatile arrangements, powerful production to individual top-class playing as well as some really cool progressive twists in many songs. Ok, here is the deal: Just listen to “Knights In Shining Armour“ and “Birds Of Prey“. How can you possibly not buy the record right away if you are into the given genre? Also, a song like “Particle“ for example definitely pleases fans of EVERGREY, REDEMPTION or KAMELOT, too. Furthermore, on the track “Time Traveller“ you get a very special treat in hearing the two former vocalists Matt Barlow (ex ICED EARTH) and Lance King (ex BALANCE OF POWER, ILLIUM)! Additionally, there is a guest appearance of Brittney Slayes (v, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS) on the epic sounding “Transcendence“. What a great record “Epitaph“ is! Holy sh….!


Martin Stark


1. Epitaph 1:48

2. A Stroke Of Magic 5:06

3. Steal My Crown 5:27

4. Knights In Shining Armour 5:30

5. Bird Of Prey 4:38

6. Your Last Call 4:39

7. Particle 4:25

8. Indestructible 5:25

9. Transcendence 4:17

10. Final Hour 3:37

11. World Foregone 4:49

Pyramaze – World Foregone (Officisal Lyric Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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