Shadow Breaker – s/t

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: January 24th, 2020


SHADOW BREAKER is a new Hardrock band from France, but the protagonists are scene veterans. Singer Frank Midoux THE BYMZ) and guitarist Chris Savourey (BORN AGAIN) already had some bands together back in the 90ies (SAVOUREY, NORTHWIND).

After a some years, were they were busy with their other projects, they reconnected to finish what they started in the new band called SHADOW BREAKER. The self-titled debut album is a ride through all the stuff they loved in the 80ies. You can hear some US Metal/Hardrock from the 80ies as well as some Hardrock tunes from the 70ies. Check out great songs like “I’ve Found Myself” (with a great George Lynch tribute riff”), “Heartquake” or “Fly Me”. Those songs would have been huge back the days!

The rest of the album is good, but nothing special. So if you like DOKKEN, RATT, OZZY OSBOURNE, UFO or BLACK’N BLUE and you can stand a singer with a french accent you should check it out!


Eddy Freiberger


  1. City Of Light
  2. More Than Feeling Alive
  3. I’ve Found Myself
  4. Heartquake
  5. Hang On
  6. Louder
  7. Ruby Baby
  8. Out Of The Shadows
  9. Fly Me
Shadow Breaker – Heartquake (Lyric Video)

Author: Eddy Freiberger

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