Stargazery – Constellation

Stargazery – Constellation

Label: Pure Steel Records

Release date: out now



Melodic und power metal with an epic touch. “Constellation“ is great stuff for fans of SABATON, KAMELOT, HAMMERFALL or POWERWOLF as well as some classic RAINBOW foremost or Christian metal band NARNIA at times. It offers pristine vocals by none but the mighty Jari Tiura (ex-MSG, ex-SNAKEGOD) and it comes with a sharp production showcasing lots of details. The Finnish outfit STARGAZERY started in 2011 and has released two highly acclaimed albums since then. No weak spot here, too. “Dark Side Of The Moon“ or “In My Blood“ as well “War Torn“ are really good tracks to start with and to experience the magic of „Constellation“. So is the powerful opener, the single “Sinners In Shadows“ that offers a hookline which sets the pace for the whole album. Besides the music, there is an astoundingly beautiful artwork, too. The brainchild of Pete Ahonen (b, BURNING POINT, GHOST MACHINERY) is a real contender in the melodic metal genre for the usual top lists. Actually, I’m going to give the record another spin right now…

Martin Stark

Track List: 

1. Sinners In Shadows 3:47  

2. War Torn 4:16  

3. Self-Proclaimed King 4:36  

4. Ripple The Water 4:09  

5. I Found Angels 4:46  

6. Constellation 5:58  

7. Caught In The Crossfire 4:16  

8. Dark Side Of The Moon 3:33  

9. In My Blood 3:48  

10. Raise The Flag 5:25

Author: Martin Stark

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