Sapphire Eyes – Magic Moments

Sapphire Eyes – Magic Moments

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: out now


SAPPHIRE EYES is one of the best Swedish melodic bands out there – and obviously there are a lot. The follow-up to “Breath Of Ages“ (2018) and album number three in total combines many qualities as there are sugar sweet hooklines, tons of keyboards or versatile songwriting. Anette Olzon (v, ex NIGHTWISH) is on board again, like on the last album, singing guest vocals on one track (“Bring Back The Night“). And all I can hope for is that we will hear more in the future in that very genre. SAPPHIRE EYES mastermind Niclas Olsson (keys) and the female singer do share a common history. They were both in ALYSON AVENUE, another highly underrated melodic act from up north. But let’s go back to SAPPHIRE EYES today. Melodic sounds with amazingly cool arrangements and a very detailed production. A great piece of music and a highlight of the year for sure. Kimmo Blom (URBAN TALE) from Finland on vocals is always a great choice as he offers a very unique and charismatic voice. Just check out the epic “Cutting Like A Knife“ or especially the opening track “Still Alive“. Also the pretty emotional title track will make you press the repeat botton immediately. It’s classic Swedish AOR but from 2020. Absolutely no weak track on board. That’s the way it should be. Believe me, there IS something about the water in Sweden…otherwise those „Magic Moments“ would hardly be possible…


Martin Stark

Track List: 

1. Still Alive 4:21

2. Don’t Walk Away 4:48

3. I Never Meant To Hurt You 4:56

4. Magic Moment 4:34

5. Do You Think About Us 4:29

6. Just Leave Me 3:50

7. Bring Back The Night 4:02

8. As The Days Go By 5:00

9. Cutting Like A Knife 5:00

10. Only The Night 4:37

11. All I Need Is To Hold You 5:44

Author: Martin Stark

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