Black Swan – Shake The World

Black Swan – Shake The World

Label: Frontiers Records

Release date: February 28th, 2020


Project or not, this “supergroup“ with Robin McAuley (v, MSG), Jeff Wilson (b, DOKKEN, FOREIGNER), Reb Beach (g, WINGER, WHITESNAKE) und Matt Starr (d, ACE FREHLEY, MR.BIG) is nothing but a dream come true. Great hard rock, powerful production and actually pretty heavy. “Big Disaster“ is rather MSG-like whereas “Make It There“ would perfectly fit the classic rock and stadium sounding FOREIGNER-rooster. BLACK SWAN delivers a cool, comparatively rough Rock’n’Roll record assembled by excellent protagonists. Let alone the superb backings of Jeff Wilson shine and Reb Beach’s guitar playing is magnificent all over the place. By the way, did I mention that Robin McAuley is one of the most gifted and highly underrated singers out there? Check out the energetic “Shake The World“ or the rather epic “Long Road To Nowhere“. And then there is the very melodic “Johnny Came Marching“ which makes you press “repeat“ immediately. Actually, I really hope that this monster at some point turns out to be a real band in the future. You know…that type of music group that writes together, goes out on tour and leaves a mark, a legacy.


Martin Stark

Track List: 

1.  Shake The World 4:36

2.  Big Disaster 4:37

3.  Johnny Came Marching 5:46

4.  Immortal Souls 6:12

5.  Make It There 5:49

6.  She’s On To Us 4:42

7.  The Rock That Rolled Away 6:22

8.  Long Road To Nowhere 4:19

9.  Sacred Place 4:47

10. Unless We Change 3:59

11. Divided/United 6:00

Author: Martin Stark

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