Harem Scarem – Change The World

Harem Scarem – Change The World

Label: Frontiers Records

Release date: March 6th, 2020


If there is a band out there in the melodic sector that really offers a distinctive sound in every aspect, it’s HAREM SCAREM. The harmony vocals, the arrangements or the pristine production, Canada’s finest melodic act totally delivers on album number fifteen, too. Frontman Harry Hess and the guys do have that special feeling for hook lines. In general, it’s a little bit harder but still easily recognizable as HAREM SCAREM. Rather hard tracks (“Death Of Me“, “Fire & Gasoline“ or „Riot In My Head“) perfectly co-exist with (typical) ballads (“No Me Without You“). Certainly not a complete reset but some new, fresh sides in the band’s sound pop up here and there. A contemporary production completes the picture. A beautiful artwork accompanies the magic of the songs. Harry Hess, a key figure of the whole genre for decades, does not only offer a unique voice but also a incredible sense for melodies all over the place. The magic between Hess and Pete Lesperance (g) still works big time. A record to be played loud…and over and over again!



1. Change The World 4:08

2. Aftershock 3:16

3. Searching For Meaning 3:52

4. The Death Of Me 4:07

5. Mother Of Invention 3:50

6. No Man’s Land 3:55

7. In The Unknown 4:37

8. Riot In My Head 4:04

9. No Me Without You 3:47

10. Fire & Gasoline 4:08

11. Swallowed By The Machine 4:16

Author: Martin Stark

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