W.E.T. – Retransmission

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: January 22nd, 2021

Website: www.facebook.com/wetofficialpage

Believe it or not, W.E.T. already puts out their fourth record already. The band members themselves call it modern melodic rock but actually, luckily the „modern“ elements are quite rare. Core members Robert Säll (g/keys, WORK OF ART), Eric Martensson (g, ECLIPSE) and, of course, Jeff Scott Soto (v, TALISMAN) set the pace here based on the sound of their main bands. Magnus Henriksson (g, ECLIPSE), Andreas Passmark (b, ROYAL HUNT, WORK OF ART and Robban Bäck (d, ex ECLIPSE, ex SABBATON) are no strangers to the scene, too. You get strong melodies, fascinating vocals and more and versatile guitars than ever before. Soto didn’t sound that good in a while actually. This type of music fits his voice best. “Retransmission“ rocks big time (“The Moment Of Truth“,“Beautiful Game“ or “You Better Believe It”) and brings to you melodies out of this world. One of the really reliable projects out there in the Frontiers universe. Fans of the genre and the aforementioned bands, of course, definitely can’t go wrong here. THIS is real music. The single “Big Boys Don’t Cry“ gives you a perfect impression of the album. Another highlight is the slow “What Are You Waiting For“ with its beautifully-crafted JOURNEY-like vocal parts. As long as bands (or projects) like this put out music, our beloved genre is more than alive and kickin’… 


Martin Stark


1. Big Boys Don’t Cry

2. The Moment Of Truth

3. The Call Of The Wild

4. Got To Be About Love

5. Beautiful Game

6. How Far To Babylon

7. Coming Home

8. What Are You Waiting For

9. You Better Believe It

10. How Do I Know

11. One Final Kiss

Author: Martin Stark

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