Magnum – Dance Of The Black Tattoo

Label: Steamhammer

Release date: January 8th, 2021


British Rock legends MAGNUM are one of the most contant groups in the Hard Rock biz. The formation around singer Bob Catley and guitarist Tony Clarkin continue to release one highlight album after another. 2021 won’t make any exception here as their new compilation “Dance Of The Black Tattoo” sets the first genre highlight.

This release comes as 2-CD digi pak and magenta coloured double vinyl and includes a selection of rare and archive tunes which were used as bonus tracks or are previously unreleased. Highlights include the majestic live version of the opening track “Black Skies”, the live version of the classic tune “On A Storyteller’s Night” and the radio edit of “On Christmas Day”.

A fanatic fan and collector may own most of these 14 tracks already…this realease is a worthy purchase though as the quality of material shines throughout and also was re-mastered by Clarkin. As always, the fantastic artwork by Rodney Matthews is an eyecatcher as well. Great stuff! Let’s see what MAGNUM will come up with next year which will mark the 50th band anniversary.


Laura Stabler

01 Black Skies (live) 6:06
02 Freedom Day (live) 6:20
03 All My Bridges (live) 4:55
04 On A Storyteller’s Night (live) 5:09
05 Dance Of The Black Tattoo (live) 5:53
06 On Christmas Day (radio edit) 4:21
07 Born To Be King 5:31
08 Phantom Of Paradise Circus 5:88
09 No God Or Saviour 5:24
10 Your Dreams Won’t Die (live) 5:44
11 Twelve Men Wise And Just (live) 6:22
12 Show Me Your Hands (radio edit) 3:48
13 Not Forgiven (radio edit) 3:38
14 Madman or Messiah (radio edit) 3:41

Magnum – On Christmas Day (Official Lyric Video)

Author: Laura Stabler

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