The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground

Label: The Dead Daisies Pty Ltd. / SPV

Release date: January 22nd, 2021


GLENN HUGHES should be an easy fit for every Rock band – but for THE DEAD DAISIES he’s for sure the ultimate choice as singer! After a couple of spins, it’s becomes clear that “Holy Ground” offers one if his finest performances since his BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION years. As usual, THE DEAD DAISIES offer their punchy kind of blues influenced Hard Rock but whilst his predecessors John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE) and Jon Stevens (INXS) only offered a “good” job, HUGHES delivers an outstanding performance and thereby takes the 11 songs onto an exceptional level.

Accompied by band boss and guitarists David Lowry and Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE, DIO), drummer Deen Castronovo (JOURNEY) and himself handling the bass guitar, HUGHES and THE DEAD DAISIES created an ultramodern produced record which on the one side shines with an up-to-date production and guitar work, and on the other side take you back onto a trip to the 70’s when bands such LED ZEPPELIN and FREE were the leading bands of the genre.

So, if you’re into one of the aforementioned groups give “Holy Ground” a chance and listen. The title track, “Bustle To Flow” and “Chosen To Justify” are the top tunes here. Nothing but great!


Birgitt Schwanke

Track list:

1. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory) 4:49

2. Like No Other (Bassline) 3:39

3. Come Alive 3:50

4. Bustle And Flow 3:40

5. My Fate 4:28

6. Chosen And Justified 3:43

7. Saving Grace 4:08

8. Unspoken 4:47

9. 30 Days In The Hole 3:40

10. Righteous Days 4:11

11. Far Away 7:03

The Dead Daisies – Bustle And Flow (Official Video)

Author: Birgitt Schwanke

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