John Harv’s Twisted Mind – Into The Asylum

John Harv’s Twisted Mind – Into The Asylum

Label: Metalapolis Records

Release date: October 25th, 2019


STORMZONE vocalist JOHN HARV (ex SWEET SAVAGE) from Belfast Northern Ireland puts out his first solo effort. It’s a really good go-between melodic hard rock and heavy metal for the most part. Pretty personal and stylistically pretty versatile, “Into The Asylum“ has got great songwriting and a great production. Style-wise mostly not too far away from the melodic metal of STORMZONE although melodies rule here a little bit more. The rather dark artwork is a bit misleading as most of the material is rather positive, at least musically, as the lyrics obviously are a vehicle to deal with the singer’s past. Music as some kind of healthy and creative therapy to deal with difficult times if you like. One of the absolute highlights is the mighty “Tyrannosaur“, as well as the highly melodic “Coming Home“. Another outstanding song is called “Hammerfall“. It creeps between your ears because of its mighty keyboards. “Into the Asylum“ is a really good album showcasing the talents of Harv. The title track, for which there is a cool video available, too, also takes no prisoners at all. And finally, the last song, which is the acoustic “Beware In Time“, shows the full vocal abilities of the protagonist. In general, this is how melodic metal should sound like. Heavy riffs, great vocals and way above average songwriting. Hopefully these mighty tracks make it onto the stage because they absolutely deserve broader attention. Well done!


Martin Stark


  1. Into The Asylum
  2. She’ll Get You
  3. Wolf At Your Door
  4. Coming Home
  5. Hammerfall
  6. Tyrannosaur
  7. Touch The Flame
  8. Heart Of Fire
  9. Blood And Tears
  10. Apocalypto
  11. Beating Of A Heart
  12. Titanic (Steel Meets Ice)
  13. King Of Hearts And Minds
  14. Beware In Time (Acoustic)

Author: Martin Stark

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