Ayreon – Transitus

Ayreon – Transitus

Label: Mascot Label Group

Release date: September 25th, 2020

Website: www.arjenlucassen.com

The progressive rock project AYREON is nothing but a phenomena. Mastermind Arjen Lucassen managed to establish an extraordinary brand over the last two and a half decades. “Transitus“ originally should have become a movie which turned out into yet another album. So, to cut it short, there are all the magic ingredients an AYREON output  should have. Magnificent songwriting, lots of different voices, a great story – although not science fiction but rather a gothic romance this time – and detailed arrangements. Nevertheless, the material is very theatrical and the many spoken parts might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But it’s still a great piece of work and – as usual – many different versions of the album can be found (CD, earbook and vinyl), some of which are accompanied by a beautifully-crafted comic book to further deepen the story. There’s definitely less metal guitars and heaviness around this time but lots of dramatic sounds and surprises. Like in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical the single songs and parts more or less blend into each other. Vocalists include Cammy Gilbert (OCEANS OF SLUMBER), Tommy Karevik (KAMELOT), Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER), Joanne James (THRESHOLD), Simone Simmons (EPICA) and Marcela Bovio (MAYAN) among others. Tom Baker, known from the TV series „Dr. Who“, functions as storyteller throughout the two discs and does a great job.


Martin Stark


CD 1

1. Fatum Horrificum: Graveyard 1:20

2. Fatum Horrificum: 1884 2:17

3. Fatum Horrificum: Daniel And Abby 1:32

4. Fatum Horrificum: Fatum 1:30

5. Fatum Horrificum: Why ?! 1:08

6. Fatum Horrificum: Guilty 2:35

7. Daniel’s Descent Into Transitus 2:40

8. Listen To My Story 4:03

9. Two Worlds Now One 4:06

10. Talk Of The Town 5:22

11. Old Friend 1:41

12. Dumb Piece Of Rock 4:13

13. Get Out! Now! 5:03

14. Seven Days, Seven Nights 1:16

CD 2

1. Condemned Without A Trial 3:50

2. Daniel’s Funeral 4:58

3. Hopelessly Slipping Away 4:28

4. This Human Equation 4:19

5. Henry’s Plot 2:19

6. Message From Beyond 5:21

7. Daniel’s Vision 1:45

8. She Is Innocent 2:09

9. Lavinia’s Confession 1:53

10. Inferno 2:17

11. Your Story Is Over! 2:42

12. Abby In Transitus 3:02

13. The Great Beyond 2:48

Ayreon – This Human Equation (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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