IQ – Resistance

IQ – Resistance

Label: GEP

Release date: September 27th, 2019


Neo-proggers IQ from England have always been a go-between melodic progressive rock like MARILLION or PENDRAGON and AOR-influenced parts as well as lenghty atmospheric elements, sometimes even dipping into jazz territory. The voice of IQ, Peter Nicholls, has got a very unique flavor sound-wise that lifts the songwriting on “Resistance“ on an even higher level for most parts. Five years after the highly acclaimed “Road Of Bones“, the British progressive outfit sounds a bit darker and slightly heavier at times, although this piece of music is still far from being a rock band in general. One absolute highlight is the slow ballad “Shallow Bay“ which is in good company with the material of e.g. the German band RPWL with its PINK FLOYD touch. Another outstanding tune is a track by the name of “Alampandria“, bringing some oriental sounds and lots of melancholy into play. Together with he two longtracks “The Great Spirt Way“ and “Fallout“, the songs mentioned earlier on offer a solid impression of the band’s repertoire. It’s certainly their melodic approach to progressive rock that pretty much makes IQ a band even AOR / melodic rock lovers can dig very likely. Music to enjoy with a glass of wine for sure as there are longer rather quiet and atmospheric parts in most of the songs.


Martin Stark


CD 1

  1. A Missile
  2. Stay Down
  3. Rise
  4. A Shallow Bay
  5. If Anything
  6. For Another Lifetime

CD 2

  1. The Great Spirit Way
  2. Fire and Security
  3. Perfect Space
  4. Fallout

Author: Martin Stark

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