Marty And The Bad Punch – Walk A Straight Line

Label: Enghardt Media

Release date: February 21st, 2020


Four years after the debut album “Moon Over Baskerville” MARTY AND THE PUNCH return with their new album “Walk A Straight Line”. Marty Punch, the brainchild in this project, opened up the sound to more Pop, Rock and Country sounds than on the first album, which was more a Classic Rock record. There are still a lot of Classic Rock anthems like “My Demons” or “Fells Like Heaven” but also great Rock Pop tunes like the classy “Glass Mountain” or the BRYAN ADAMS meets JASON ALDEAN ear candy “Hi To Eileen”. The highlights on “Walk A Straight Line” are the superb title track and the very poppy “Zakopane”, where Singer David Cagle (J.K. NORTHRUP) is showing all his different talents. This guy can rock and sound very smooth the same time! Besides him, this album features guests like guitarists Bruce Kulick (ex KISS), Frank Pane (BONFIRE) or Melodic Rock everywhere player Tommy Denander.

This is a solid release, and it is worth to give it a listen if you like acts like BRYAN ADAMS, ROBERT TEPPER, TERRY BROCK or Pop Rock with Country influences.

If you know the very rare RUSS BALLARD tune “The Making Of The Fire Still Burns” you will totally understand and worship the last track on this album. Great!!!


Eddy Freiberger


01. Walk A Straight Line

02. Glass Mountain

03. Universe

04. Martys Theme

05. The Last Song

06. My Demons

07. Feels Like Heaven

08. Say Hi To Eileen

09. That Girl

10. Standing On The Edge

11. Never Learned To Say Goodbye

12. The Messanger

13. Zakopane

14. Raging Fire

15. Turn To Stone

16. The Weight Of The World

17. Southbound Train

18. The Story of Making Of Walk a Straight Line

Marty And The Bad Punch – My Demons (Official Video)

Author: Eddy Freiberger

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