Foreign – The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Pt. II

Foreign – The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Pt. II

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: December 4th, 2020


Here you got the second part – the first one was released in 2014 – of a rock/metal opera that is written and composed by Ivan Jacquin (v/keys, PSYCHANOIA, AMONYA, MAGNESIS) for the most part. FOREIGN plays epic, heavy and orchestral sounds. It tells the story of Ahasverus, the poor jewish man cursed by Jesus Christ, condemned to immortality to have refused him a glass of water, when he was climbing the mount for the crucifixion. Numerous and highly talented guests like Zak Stevens (v, SAVATAGE, TSO), Andy Kuntz (v, VANDEN PLAS), Tom S. Englund (v, EVERGREY) or Mike Lepond (g, SYMPHONY X) make this musical and mostly bombastic, orchestral and complex journey through time one hell of an experience. Especially Zak Stevens didn’t sound that good in a long time. The songs carry some exotic and/or rarely played instruments in rock music like oboe, harp or duduk at times. Actually, more than forty people are involved in this project. Great stuff! If you are into AYREON, VANDEN PLAS or to a certain degree also AVANTASIA, this is what you need to hear right now! Hats off! This is the type of music you should listen to with headphones and probably a glass of good wine…


Martin Stark


1. Yerushalaïm 7:38

2. Rise 1187 8:31

3. Mariner Of All Seas 6;01

4. Holy Lands 4:32

5. Eternity, Pt. III 1:36

6. Running Time 6:51

7. The Fountain 3:06

8. Mysteries To Come 5:58

9. Secrets Of Art 6:37

10. Symphonic Caress 6:08

11. Eternity, Pt. IV 1:30

12. Revolutions 6:18

13. Witness Of Changes 5:52

Foreign – Rise 1187 (Audio Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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