The Casanovas – Reptilian Overlord

Label: Bad Reputation

Release date: out now


When star producer Mark Opitz (AC/DC; Cold Chisel and THE ANGELS) is involved, the band immediately gets my attention. So, Australian five piece THE CASANOVAS with their fifth effort “Reptilian Overlord “ aren’t any exception. With the opener and first single “Hollywood Riot“, the bunch is firing on all cylinders as does the follow-up „Outlaw“. Tempo slows down a bit with the melodic “Lost And Lonely Dreams“, while “Stand Back“ has these AC/DC meets punk vibes and will easily become a live staple. “St Kilda Is Fucked“ has many ingredients from early KISS and rocks like hell. You won‘t get any “Mid-Life Crisis“ while listening to the song of the same name. Surprisingly enough, the title track is the only weak moment offered on this CD. So, if you are only a little into bands like THE POOR, THE ANGELS or KINGS OF THE SUN, this definetely is a record for you. What a hell of an album from a to z. To use a few words from the legendary DEAD BOYS: THE CASANOVAS are loud and snotty!


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. Hollywood Riot

2 . Outlaw

3. Cold Day In Hell

4. Lost And Lonely Dreams

5. Stand Back

6. St Kilda Is Fucked

7. Mid –Life Crisis

8 . Red Hot

9. Bulletproof

10. Reptilian Overlord

The Casanovas – Red Hot (Official Lyric Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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