Hartmann – 3 (ReRelease)

Hartmann – 3 (ReRelease)

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: out now

Website: www.oliverhartmann.com

The re-release of the third HARTMANN record “3“ (2009) offers many different facets. You can find (partly bluesy) classic rock (“I Won’t Get Fooled Again“ or “Brothers“) as well as rather poppy tunes (“Suddenly“) or even progressive moments (“Don’t Give Up Your Dream“). The fine ballad “All I Can Say“ needs to be mentioned, too. The singer and guitar player (AVANTASIA, ECHOES, ex AT VANCE) delivers quality music as usual but used some different paths on “3“ stylistically. But there are also songs that obviously try to be contemporary, modern or whatever you call it. Distorted lead vocals like in “From Outta Space“ are certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, especially given the past of Oliver Hartmann. The sound at times is quite cold or rather mechanical which fits the style of some tracks pretty well but is a little bit different from earlier (and later!) HARTMANN outputs (which go into a more classic rock direction). “3” is an album that might well evoke different opinions more than others. The one outstanding track on the album, nevertheless, is “Brothers“, a duet featuring Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA). Remastered and sounding rich and punchy, though. Co-produced by Sascha Paeth (u.a. AVANTASIA, HEAVENS GATE).


Martin Stark

Track List: 

01 – I Won’t Get Fooled Again

02 – From Outta Space

03 – Suddenly

04 – All I Can Say

05 – Right Here Right Now

06 – Don’t Give up Your Dream

07 – Broken Down

08 – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

09 – Lost in Havanna

10 – Brothers (feat Tobias Sammet)

11 – Forgotten Innocence

Author: Martin Stark

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