Sinner – Santa Muerte

Sinner – Santa Muerte

Label: AFM Records

Release date: September 13th, 2019


“Santa Muerte“, believe it or not the seventeenth (!) SINNER album, offers a new interesting and surprising detail in form of female vocals (Giorgia Colleluori from ETERNAL IDOL) on a few songs. But on the other hand their mostly THIN LIZZY-influenced hard rock remains mostly untouched stylistically. Mainman Mat Sinner (v/b, PRIMAL FEAR, ROCK MEETS CLASSIC) gathers illustrious guests by the name of Ronnie Romero (v, RAINBOW, CORELEONI, ex THE LORDS OF THE BLACK) and Ricky Warwick (v, ex THE ALMIGHTY, THIN LIZZY, BLACK STAR RIDERS) or Magnus Karlsson (g, ex PRIMAL FEAR) on „Santa Muerte“ which add different flavors. It sounds like the heaviness is a little bit tamed for the most part but the songwriting is still going strong. The pristine production has to be mentioned positively, too. Check out both the single “Fiesta Y Copas“ and the heavy “Last Exit Hell“.


Martin Stark


  1. Shine On
  2. Fiesta Y Copas (feat. Ronnie Romero)
  3. Santa Muerte
  4. Last Exit Hell
  5. What Went Wrong (feat. Ricky Warwick)
  6. Lucky 13
  7. Death Letter (feat. Magnus Karlsson)
  8. Craving
  9. The Wolf
  10. Misty Mountain
  11. The Ballad Of Jack
  12. Stormy Night
  13. Sorry (Bonus Track)
Sinner – Fiesta Y Copas (feat. Ronnie Romero) (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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