She Bites– Joyride

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: June 19th, 2020


Warning – this CD is a constant grower! After a few spins I asked myself how to handle this record for a review, because I really had my difficulties in getting access to “Joyride“. So I decided to leave  SHE BITES’ music aside for a couple of weeks and to start again. And it worked fine – now I like the tunes of this German four piece, fronted by Melanie Stahlkopf, whose voice perfectly fits to the songs. Two singles had been released already and both “Joyride“ and “Heartbreak Hotel“ are among the best tracks of the debut. But one song stands high above all  the others. “Rock This Night“ is a duet made in heaven with Olaf Senkbeil (DREAMTIDE),  which cries for “radio” airplay in each and every second. Alone the remake of the 2005 SUGABABES  hit “Push The Bottom“ still leaves me cold.  Nevertheless – this album is a real “Joyride“ for FIONA, ROBIN BECK  or STARSHIP fans!


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1.  Demons
2.  Joyride
3.  She Is On Fire
4.  Heartbreak Hotel
5.  Dance For You
6.  I’ll Be Alright
7.  Rock This Night
8.  Punches
9.  The Simple Song
10.  Heaven Sent
11.  Push The Button

She Bites – Joyride (Official Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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