Upper Lip – Deep Within

Upper Lip – Deep Within

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: 21st May, 2021 

Website: www.upperlipmusic.com

Hard Rock from the small island of Malta. “Deep Within“ contains influences from like AC/DC, BLACK CROWES, GREAT WHITE up tp even THE DARKNESS. Fronter Chris Portelli has got kind of an unique voice which you either love or not. A record that is simply fun. Let alone the groovy “Skinny Jeans“ or the happy-sounding “Mirrors & Masks“ be very appropriate arguments for this interesting release. And so is “What Makes You Smile“ with its power and passion allover. Not really exciting in many respects, e.g. in terms of innovation or deep thoughts lyric-wise, but who actually expects that in the given genre? Nevertheless, UPPER LIP rocks like hell. So, let’s keep the party going…


Martin Stark


01. Keep Going

02. Marble Arch

03. Skinny Jeans

04. Eyes On Fire

05. What Makes You Smile

06. Deep Within

07. Mirrors & Masks

08. Hide

09. Be Free

10. Desert Song

11. Never Lose Hope

Author: Martin Stark

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