Midnite City – Itch You Can’t Scratch

Label: Roulette Media Records

Release date: June 11th, 2021 

Website: www.midnitecity.com

British melodic outfit around frontman Rob Wylde (ex TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY, TIGERTAILZ) with their highly anticipated third effort. Everybody in love with the first two records – and there are many – will be absolutely happy here, too. Melodic rock, sleaze and hard rock of the finest sort as far as the ear can hear. Powerful rockers, beautiful ballads or irresistible mid tempo groovers, MIDNITE CITY knows them all by heart. They are able to make each album even better than the previous one. Although personally, I am probably more in love with the mid tempo tracks (“Fire Inside“ or “I Don’t Need Another Heartache“), there are lots of faster songs, too. “Atomic“ and “Crawlin’ In The Dirt“ being the real smashers here, though. And: Haven’t heard such a cool bass sound in ages as on the latter. Josh Williams (b) probably magically edited the final mixes….hahaha… What an album!  Hair metal is definitely safe in 2021 – it really is! And a hint for collectors out there: Have an eye on the Japanese version as there is a really cool and beautiful (original!) bonus cut!


Martin Stark


1. Crawlin’ In The Dirt 3:55

2. Atomic 3:50

3. Fire Inside 5:20

4. Darkest Before The Dawn 3:38

5. I Don’t Need Another Heartache 4:22

6. Blame It On Your Lovin’ 4:11

7. They Only Come Out At Night 4:27

8. Chance Of A Lifetime 3:51

9. If It’s Over 4:52

10. Fall To Pieces 3:49

Author: Martin Stark

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